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Airspeak Radiotelephony Communication For Pilots Download




pilots) 3. English language n Speakers' aids 4. English language n Lighting and power 5. English language n Aircraft instruments and pilot cocksw ch 6. English language n Equipment stores 7. English language n Armament and munitions 8. English language n Icing conditions 9. English language n Preparing instruments for flight 10. English language n Weather conditions 11. English language n Air-tactics 12. English language n Navigation 13. English language n Radio and VHF 14. English language n Smoke, and band night vision systems 15. English language n Radio Aids 16. English language n Radio procedures 17. English language n Avionics 18. English language n Control FA-RD-02000-A-001 April 15, 2007 FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION DOCKING SYSTEM / AIR COMMUNICATION AND TALKING FLUENCY INSTRUMENT ALLIED AIR FORCE - 2001-02-002 AN INSTRUMENT FOR THE DISPLAY OF FLUENCY IN THE COMMUNICATION OF AIR TRAFFIC. (II.2) (a) This is an instrument for the display of the fluency in the communication of air traffic, as prescribed by the Federal Aviation Administration, to be used by all types of aircraft operating in the Airborne Communications System or by all types of pilots who operate instrument flight rules. (b) The instrument shall be of a type that complies with the content of the following requirements: (1) The instrument shall be required by the Federal Aviation Administration to display the textual statements and graphic symbols of the Federal Aviation Regulations. (2) The instrument shall permit the simultaneous voice communication between the pilot and the air traffic control station. (3) The instrument shall be readily accessible by the pilot to facilitate use in day and night conditions. (4) The instrument shall be clearly visible to the pilot by day and night. (5) The instrument shall be capable of being visually read and operated by pilots who are unable to see the markings with the naked eye. (6) The instrument shall be capable of being read by night by two persons simultaneously, one standing and one sitting. (c) This instrument meets the requirements of this section and shall be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration as a required avionics item. FA-RD-02000-A-002 March 13, 2007 FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION (a) This is an aircraft instrument. (b) A version of this instrument containing



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Airspeak Radiotelephony Communication For Pilots Download

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